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Don’t let your child fall behind as classrooms shift to the Common Core curriculum! With access to a full spectrum of workbooks and exceptional teachers, Readingtown has become a globally renowned learning center.

Reading Programs

For PK – 9th Grade Students
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Students in our reading programs make substantial gains in reading skills and reach their full potential as readers. We offer a variety of courses for all levels, from mastering phonics to reading classics.

Writing Programs

For 1st – 9th Grade Students
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The objectives of our writing programs are to provide the opportunity for students to become the best writer they can be and to build a solid foundation on which they can continue to achieve success in the education continuum.

Math Programs

For K – 8th Grade Students 
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Math GPA program is designed for students who have already mastered basic math skills for his/her grade. It contains questions for all of the possible concepts appropriate for the given grade. With all the “must-know” concepts for each grade, this program maximizes strengths and minimizes weaknesses.

Presentation Programs

For K – 9th Grade Students
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Our presentation programs are designed to strengthen presentation ability, which is a weakness among many students. In our various programs for all levels, we provide instruction in presenting a persuasive argument and expressing a point of view in a logical manner.

Test Prep Programs

For 3rd – 8th Grade Students
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Students in grades 3 to 8 take the State English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics tests each spring. Students will become familiar with the test format through practice at ReadingTown. We also offer offer GATE Test prep courses.

Study Skills Coaching Programs

For K – 9th Grade Students
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Your child is struggling at school, mostly due to the lack of pertinent soft skills. After surveying 500 CEOs in 2008, the Stanford Research Institute and Carnegie Mellon Foundation concluded that 75% of long-term career success depends on soft skills.

Debate Program

For 4th – 8th Grade Students
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Debate is a wonderful opportunity for your child to build public speaking skills and learn how to formulate effective and persuasive arguments. Sign up for our debate class today.

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Coding Program

For 3rd – 8th Grade Students
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With the school year starting, you may notice that traditional education often lags behind real world development. That is why we at Reading Town are excited to invite your child to enroll in our coding class and take part in a cutting edge educational opportunity!