Reading Town provides the most popular reading programs, and more. Our tutors have knowledge of public/private school curriculum. With their knowledge, experience and caring to each student, your kids will improve their capabilities by at least one school year ahead quite quickly. Our individually tailored curriculum will not only improve students’ academic achievement at school but maximize their potential and cultivate them to be future global leaders. We give not just promises, but also actual results.


Reading Is Fundamental

  1. We have set students’ reading goal incorporating the ratio of fiction (literature) and nonfiction (informational) books based on the Common Core State Standards: up to 4th grade (50:50), up to 8th grade (45:55)
  2. We advise students to borrow at least one fiction book and one nonfiction book for each session.
  3. We have expanded our book collection for in-center library as well as on-line library to let students read books in various genres.
  4. We have diversified our vocabulary program to help students gain more grade-appropriate and domain-specific words, discern nuances of words and meaning in context, and finally use common, grade-relevant Greek and Latin affixes and roots as clues to the meaning of a word.


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