DoVE Project (Dogs of Violence Exposed) is a non-profit organization focused on ending the dog meat trade in South Korea, where raising dogs for human consumption is legally sanctioned. We believe that this change ultimately must come from within. To that end, rescue efforts, education, and advocacy are the driving components of DoVE Project.

Our co-founder, Tami Cho Zussman, is Korean-American. Her connection to S. Korean history, culture, and language facilitates crucial relationships with animal welfare groups, activists and government officials, as well as dog meat farmers in South Korea.

With our personal understanding of the issue and professional experience, these principles guide our work:

  • Full cultural sensitivity and knowledge of the issue is the foundation for dialogue.

  • Bearing witness is essential to creating change.

  • Positive change must come with sustainable solutions for those involved.

“We welcome the support of individuals and organizations of like mind and heart in our pursuit to end this industry. Knowledge is power. Educate yourself about the complexities of the dog meat industry and get involved. You can impact change!”

Tami and Claudia


Tami and Claudia

DoVE Project is a 501(c)3 organization founded in August 2016.